Sunday, January 29, 2012


Whoa, just read through all of this stuff. It's been a long awhile, and my, what a strange trip it's been. Or some other stupid quote that everyone overuses.
I have vague inklings to actually start a blog with some substance and aimed toward an audience rather than flaring up at my own emotional convenience. But, we all know how I do with these intrinsic motivations.
I don't.

BUT, hopeful talking. I may actually start that soon because I have recently deactivated my damn Facebook and need a base to come to on this lovely internet we all so diligently pray to. I mean, besides email. Ya know, a couple years ago, I just could never fathom why the hell people checked their email regularly and responded to shit like real grown-ups... Now I say things like, "oh."

So many "oh"s.

Hate, still

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